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art direction, digital + graphic design.


New collection launch concept for Australian eyewear company Bailey Nelson.

Custom Eyes: Tinted Lens Launch

Custom Eyes: Tinted Lens Launch is a play on words of the customisation option we’re introducing to our customers. 


Focusing on the idea that our new tint options are made for everyone from the fashion savvy to city chic, the outdoor adventurer to book worm, uni student to CEO; I’ll draw on these concepts and acknowledge our broad and varied clientele throughout all mediums. 


Mimicking the 24 colour options, I will implement a more colourful approach to all campaign collateral, including colourful street and store posters, a more streamlined and brighter hue to our social media (particularly instagram), as well as letting the fun and fresh vibe of Bailey Nelson shine through and be consistent across all forms of B2C communication. 

Newsletter EDM

With a fun, interactive twist to a traditional EDM, I open with a .gif of what would be our range of eyewear along with all 24 new lens tints interchanging between frames.


Following this would be a selection of images of “everyday people” wearing their own customised pair, showing more possibilities of the eyewear and motivating the viewer to design their own.


Finishing the EDM with our recent New Arrivals  and link to shop. 

#CustomEyes: A Social Media Takeover

Further pushing our fun, bright, colourful selves, I’ve built on the strong social media BN currently runs. 


Instagram imagery includes eyewear still lifes & flat lays, customer re-posts, sponsorships with influencers, .gif files, clever quotes and images of people doing their day-to-day. All posts would be shopable and would link back to our site.


We could potentially develop filters that instgrammers can use as well that coincide with the lens colours we’ll have.


Having this combination keeps the page more dynamic and interesting, with interesting and inspiring images that appeal to not only our customers, but anyone wanting to follow a page full of beautiful images. 


On Facebook, changing the background image to a .gif helps unify the two social mediums and help brings the page to life.

Digital Marketing

Taking into consideration the amount of imagery people see on any given webpage, I wanted to again create small ads that caught the viewer’s attention and got them interested in what the ad was all about. 


Smaller versions of the .gif we used in the EDM are used for webpages, creating subtle yet intriguing ad options to display while browsing.

client brief was to art direct their upcoming campaign for their launch of a range of custom tinted sun lenses, drawing attention to the following:


  1. Customers have the choice to customise any optical frame or sunglass in store

  2. Our range of tinted lenses are suitable for all lifestyles (aka from the inner-city fashion/style conscious through to function focused and outdoor enthusiasts)

below: graphic design of all print collateral including in-store and in-centre posters, banners, OOH and billboard

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