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art direction, graphic + digital design concept for German online retailer Mytheresa.


Three part brief included

1. Concept, content + copy creation for newsletter/EDM and homepage banner using selection of imagery provided

2. Concept, content + copy for social media story using selection of imagery provided

3. A photoshoot for an exclusive collaboration with GUCCI x MYTHERESA using own imagery



For the MYTHERESA EDM and Homepage Banner messages, I chose to focus on the always feminine PINK. However, as the MY modern gal knows, femininity means power.  Emphasising this fact, I wanted to show the juxtaposition of being “girly” with being “gritty”, and create a story of a new association with not only a hue, but what it means to be a woman in today’s world.


gritty adjective

showing courage and resolve.

synonyms: courageous, brave, lionhearted, valiant, bold, spirited, intrepid, hardy, tough, determined; unfaltering, unswerving, unyielding, unflinching; informalgutsy, spunky, ballsy, feisty.


Mytheresa is synonymous with luxury and I wanted to make sure that remains prevalent in the EDM. Keeping the sleek elements the current EDMs possess, I altered the look and feel slightly, introducing more modern aspects by means of typography and layout. Using text strategically, this adjustment helps emphasise the EDM message more clearly and guides the customer through the entirety of the EDM and CTAs.

Website Banner


To enhance the User Experience, I chose to make a dynamic Homepage banner, enabling a better interaction with the customer and a more intriguing first impression. 


With the changing images and copy, I am able to get my message across more efficiently and better establish an emotional tie with the user; in this case, the feeling of empowerment, strength and breaking the status quo. 


Additionally, using multiple images for the same message insinuates a feeling of solidarity between our shoppers. Each user can find a way to incorporate the trend - be it street style, cool contemporary or cocktail party - and are able to translate and apply it to their own personal style. 

MY pink 1.png

Responsive homepage banners for tablet and mobile are also dynamic.


In addition to a dynamic banner, my copy is set in negative space so the text acts as visual guide for the user’s eye, directing their attention to the product/images and CTA. 


Ideally, animation or motion/video would replace a static banner to further the user experience and help tell a bigger story of and for the MYTHERESA shopper.

Social Media // YOUnique 


Thinking about the Fashion scene and how to create even more possibilities for the MY woman to leave her own unique stamp on the world, I explored the idea of pushing accessorising in order to make a style truly their own. 


Taking the images of the handbags provided, I used text animation to initially engage the user followed by photo stills with links to each product for the click through to shop via stories.




Reminiscing of times past and games played as children, I wanted to create a story that marries the qualities of GUCCI x MYTHERESA. The whimsy and detail, the fun-loving and cleverness, the confidence and free-spiritedness. 


Hide and Seek : A Game of Strategy 


Taking inspiration from the well-loved game of universal youth, the campaign I imagine is a modern take on Hide-and-Seek.


Models dressed head-to-toe in GUCCI immerse themselves in intricate surrounds, trying to blend in (albeit unsuccessfully), and stay one step ahead of the never-seen seeker.

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