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fashion editorial for iMute magazine with Cecilie Heide Carlo Fernandes Kelly Bowman Darron Summors stylist Goldfox Creative

styling for by mckenzie aw18 jewellery campaign | the hours.

by mckenzie's ss18 collection, 'the hours', is inspired by the hours of each day. marrying vignettes with the meanings and symbolism behind each stone, these hand-crafted pieces are further brought to life. 

the larimar stone, seen first in this collection, is the embodiment of tranquil sea and sky energies. it relieves stress and nurtures the physical and emotional body. 

garnet is a passionate stone. boosting low energy levels and assisting with endurance, it works to improve business relationships and sharpen your perception of other people. 

finishing off this season's collection is jade, the stone of eternal youth. keeping you young at heart and helping you follow your heart's desires, jade encourages you to live authentically and in turn brings prosperity and abundance. 

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