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CF_WhiteMeadow_020 copy.jpg

art direction & styling for White Meadow Bridal Campaign & Lookbook.

photographer Carlo Fernandes, hair and makeup Sandra Wograndl, assistant Casey Mack and model Ella Delmonte.

CF_WhiteMeadow_013 copy.jpg
CF_WhiteMeadow_039 copy_2.jpg
CF_WhiteMeadow_010 copy_2.jpg
CF_WhiteMeadow_027 copy.jpg
CF_WhiteMeadow_018 copy.jpg
CF_WhiteMeadow_025 copy.jpg
CF_WhiteMeadow_019 copy_2.jpg
CF_WhiteMeadow_014 copy.jpg
CF_WhiteMeadow_033 copy_2.jpg
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